The middle school at Garland Christian Academy aims to build upon the academic and spiritual foundation established in elementary school in order to guide students toward continued achievement and a deeper understanding of God’s will and Word. At Garland Christian Academy, we understand that the middle school years are a time of transition and transformation for students as they discover themselves and choose who they want to be. We seek to provide students with a biblically structured environment within which they can safely conduct the exploration and questioning necessary to continue in their journey to adulthood.

Academically, our middle school continues to focus on the primary disciplines with more in-depth instruction and practice. In addition to continued instruction in English, mathematics, science, history, Bible and physical education, our middle school students have the option of electing to pursue a more advanced study of art, band, choir, or Latin.

Garland Christian Academy is dedicated to providing an excellent college preparatory education for students in Garland and the surrounding community. Garland Christian Academy is committed to assisting parents in raising their children in a godly environment by providing an education that is framed in the perspective of a biblical worldview. The goal of the school is to equip students with the tools that are needed to stand for Christ and make an impact for His kingdom in our world.

Garland Christian Academy
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