Coleman Center


Mon, Feb 12, 2018


Dear GCA Families,
We have decided that we are canceling school for Monday and Tuesday—February 12-13, 2018—due to the flu virus that has impacted so many of our students and teachers these past two weeks. We feel that this cancellation will allow the necessary time for students to remain apart and not pass any sicknesses one to another. Also, during this time we will be deep-cleaning the entire school to eradicate the virus to the best of our ability. The normal GCA schedule will resume on Wednesday, February 14, 2018.
During the past two weeks, we have seen an unprecedented number of students and faculty absent due to the flu and other illnesses. We have been monitoring this situation closely, paying careful attention to the number of absences and whether they were increasing or decreasing. Yesterday, we reached a tipping point with a high number of absences, and we have confirmed that there are several students that have been diagnosed with the flu.
Please keep those that are ill in your prayers, and we hope all of our GCA family can be rested, refreshed, and well to get us through to Spring Break!
Thank you!

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